2018 Southern Open an AATA Grand Prix Series Event

Hosted by Airgunning Atlanta & Mount Cheaha Airgunners

Evans Bridge Range

1199 Evans Bridge Road, Heflin, AL 36264

Heflin, Alabama

May 26-27 2018

Schedule – Please note schedule may be adjusted for weather. Include your cell# on your entry and we will attempt to contact you with necessary updates

Friday May 25 @ 9:30 AM -- Sight-in range open for practice

Friday May 25 @ 1:00 PM – 40 shot Pistol Field Target Match

Saturday May 26 @ 8:30 AM -- European Style Match (50 shots, 25 lanes, 1 shot per target) starts

Sunday May 27 @ 8:30 AM -- American Style Match (60 shots, 15 lanes, 2 shots per target) starts

Practice/sight-in range - The sight-in range will be open for practice Friday from 9:00 AM until 5pm, Saturday

& Sunday 7:00 AM until the shooters meetings, and after Saturday’s rifle match until 5pm.

Mandatory shooters meetings will be held 30 minutes prior to each match

AAFTA rules will be enforced. It is the competitor’s responsibility to know, understand and adhere to current

AAFTA rules. The AAFTA rule-book is available at www.AAFTA.org. The Match Director(s) will have final

say in any dispute.

SAFE GUN HANDLING will be strictly enforced at all times!

Divisions/classes Rifle FT divisions will be Open, Hunter and WFTF. The Match Director may add Piston and

PCP classes, or consolidate divisions or classes as needed. Per current AAFTA rules.

Awards: All divisions and classes require a minimum of 3 entrants. Number of entrants determines number of


Registration fees The entry fee of $80 includes both matches and lunches on Saturday

and Sunday. Entry forms postmarked after May 10, 2018 may not include commemorative items. Entry forms

accepted day of but may not include lunch. Please note there is a maximum of 45 shooters allowed

Air Community air tanks will be available at the sight-in range and on the courses every match. Bring your filler assembly

Meals & Beverages Lunch will be provided Saturday & Sunday to paid competitors. Guest meals are $10/ea.

Beverages are provided with meals. Drinking water will be on the ranges each match.

No shooting or weapons handling after consumption of alcoholic beverages, please.

Lodging See Location Tab

Restaurants See Location Tab

To Enter online:  https://goo.gl/forms/fTUOOFgpYazVRGui1

or use form below and mail to 7 Park Way Ct., Dallas, GA 30157

2018 Southern Open

Registration form

Competitor name:__________________________________________________________________________



E-mail address:_____________________________________________________________________________

Pistol Make & Model: _______________________________________________________________________

Pellet Wt. & Make: _________________________________________________________________________

Scope Make & Model: _______________________________________ Must have max 12x marked on scope

Rifle Division: Open/Hunter/WFTF -------------------------------------------------------------- Senior(65+):Y N

Rifle Class: PCP/Piston

Rifle Make & Model: _______________________________________________________________________

Pellet Wt. & Make: _________________________________________________________________________

Scope Make & Model: ______________________________________________________________________

Individual Registration $80

Guest meals: $10 each Saturday $_____ Sunday $_____

$________ Total Enclosed (Please make checks payable to Ken Hughes) or Paypal as gift to [email protected]

Send entries to: Deborah Hughes - 7 Parkway Ct. Dallas, GA 30157 Or: [email protected]

Direct inquiries to: Ken Hughes [email protected] or 678-910-1481

Or: [email protected]